Success without being burnout

Ambitious developers protect your health & well-being.

Happy developer

The hard thing about hard things

The tech world demands a lot from you. You can’t control your boss, co-workers, co-founders, or clients. Often it feels like you’re rushing to build their crazy ideas yesterday.

So you put off doing uneasy meetings & updates because you need a break. Instead, you become distracted, anxious, and behind schedule.

Deep work needs your time, discipline, energy, and creativity. Get the support you need.

Introducing Jovial

Hello, friend!

Jovial helps you avoid burnout at all costs. The app is a feedback tool to screen & survey goals, then measures success.

Make your job easy

Get things done. Open communication can fix problems at work. Endless meetings & tough talks can turn into easy feedback loops.

Devs Jovial helps

Jovial helps developers balance 

their day job & side-hustle.

Indie Hackers

Get the funding. But pick consulting projects that support your goals & fit your timeline.

Tech Founders

Remove any doubts about your next hire. You can shortlist talent & freelancers who’ll work well with you.

Part-time Founders

Get your boss off your back. Meet deadlines while you build your app nights & weekends.

Best dev tool to decode people

  • Filter clients better

    Screen clients and questionable plans to spot project delays.
  • Stop guessing

    Get guidance, answers, & help. Create a feedback loop with your boss, co-founders, or clients.
  • Shortlist candidates

    Make your team great, check applicants’ motivation. Get the best candidates.

Dev-friendly roadmap

Here are my plans to focus on developers’ success & well-being.

  • Top-notch design

    • Workflow theme templates
    • Ready-made & custom surveys
    • Awesome support
  • Ease of use

    • Automated check-ins & reminders
    • Pre-written questions
    • Integrations
  • Built with passion

    • Pre-screen capabilities
    • White label capabilities
    • Command-line friendly

Get early access

If you need relief from your high-pressure job, use Jovial.

I’m looking for ambitious developers to help shape up this feedback tool. Let’s keep our work, health, & well-being on track.

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