Worry less about work & family

Caregivers with tech jobs dodge burnout.

Developer by day, caregiver by night

Zero, zilch, zip, nada

Zero support makes work & life hard.

You slog away at the computer for 8hrs. Later, you help your elderly parents, family, or disabled relatives until bedtime. Repeat.

You need help.

Yet getting help is tricky.

So-called help...

People shame or reprimand you with “I told you so” rants.

Customer support sucks...

It's tough, working with negative or uncooperative people.

I could be doing...

Waiting for help goes against your go-getter attitude.

The thing about being burned out... People still expect you to get stuff done.

Jovial will make it super easy to manage progress & pesky stressors.

Self-care to get stuff done

A mental health app for guiding you out of burnout. Jovial track your energy, rest breaks, goals, & daily progress.

It provides productivity tips, self-care reminders, and peer support from the Jovial community.

Take care of your responsibilities, meet your goals, & protect your wellbeing.

Recover from burnout

Jovial ❤️ caregivers in tech

Jovial puts developers, managers, & founders' well-being & goals first.

As caregivers, you juggle crazy workloads. Then take care of your elderly parents, kids, or disabled relatives. It's hard balancing work/life with never-ending days.

Get back your energy & joy!

Sign up for an invitation today.

Support that gets you unstuck.

Jovial uses open communication to reduce risks or blockers to help. The app provides tips, templates, privacy & anonymity controls.

Swap out the hoops you jump through for options that give real help.

Perfect timing

Use Jovial to make progress with people & your goals.

Track your goals, health, & well-being.

Get help & relief, sign up.