Hey, welcome to Jovial!


Jovial is a company of one, for now, founded by Helen Griffin. Providing a vendor tool for small businesses to hire U.S. developers.


Jovial empowers the middle class to turn setbacks into opportunities and comeback stories.


Making better contributions to economic growth without sacrificing communities is Jovial vision.


How we were raised.


"I never dreamed about success I worked for it." -Estee Lauder

The founder of Jovial
Helen Griffin, Jr.


Helen's a Detroit native, social entrepreneur, and full-stack remote developer. She was a lead developer at WorldNow, Estee Lauder, and American Greetings. Often she managed expectations between client services, advertising, product, and brand managers. Her experience ranges from working on CMS, marketplaces, mobile web apps, MVPs, & e-commerce.  

She leans on her 14 years of freelance, contract, FT dev roles, and bootstrapped startups to lead sales.

Based in Cleveland, she's proud to use Midwestern grit to shape folks' dreams into reality.