Jovial is a client referral notification service for US freelancers, consultants, and development agencies.

It depends on client demands. Expect to receive website, mobile, and custom development requests set to your preferences. These are short term 3 to 9-month engagements for remote developers & agencies.

Thrilling it may be to write the first line of code, most projects have existing code base, frameworks, or preferred technologies. There's a high demand for feature build-out for products built on platforms and content management systems. Jovial will do its best to find inquiries asking you to shape the infrastructure, strategy, and implementation plans.

Jovial doesn't take a commission from referrals or engagements you accept.

You can upgrade to gain first access and exclusive referrals. Besides add-ons, there are no fine print fees.

You'll share your target client, tech stack, work-styles & preferences in your profile. Also, premium plans get priority support & access to higher budget projects.

You can cancel your subscription anytime. After canceling, you can continue to use Jovial until your plan ends. However, the client and you negotiate terms on project cancelations, refunds, milestones, & criteria.

Jovial provide partial refunds for no referrals and payouts for client no-shows. When prospects skip meetings, Jovial charge temporarily holds and pass it onto you.

Once you update your profile & preferences, you'll book a call with the founder. Together, you'll discuss your goals and expectations. Then Jovial get to work.

You'll review referrals and project briefs, then schedule calls with prospective clients.

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