Code apps,
decode intentions

Why we care

Jovial empowers developers to find meaningful work. Get projects that challenge your skills & creativity, not mental health. Debugging code is thrilling, but decoding people is essential to managing expectations.

There's no way around it. All web, mobile, and software projects have issues that delay or derail progress. When problems arise, the slightest discord between clients will break down any trust. It's crucial to surround yourself with compatible clients when solving challenging obstacles.

Curate and screen prospects for allocated budgets, intriguing problems, mutual beliefs, and work-styles. It's essential to understand the why behind buyers' and managers' needs and demands. Plus, caring about a problem or cause makes it easier to identify and build the correct solution.

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." -Murphy's Law

Jovial's story

Jovial was born out of my desire to prevent being burnt out. It exhausted me seeing my peers and myself struggle with unrealistic demands & deadlines. We rack up non-billable hours in proposal turnovers, training, or white-boarding with prospects.

The cost of this inefficient process often undervalues the deal itself. It depletes our energy, morale, and bank accounts. Often forces us to shut down then return to the workforce cynical, tired, and bitter. Yet all preventable if we shift our attention on the client qualification as much as the tech stack.

While Jovial doesn't solve everything, it can surround you with the support you need.