Use Cases

Workaround don't work.

The cost for you to recode the product outweighs the benefits. It's impossible to automate or integrate processes, systems, & portals with new software. You're getting diminishing returns from the workarounds.

Team disputes and lack of knowledge share are causing you to miss opportunities. Data silos are limiting managers' access to actionable insight. It makes it harder to act on their pipeline, feedback, analytics, & transactional data.

You need to protect or change your core service with an online offering. The pandemic caused your customer loyalty to shift away from your products & services.

You discover a unique opportunity to serve your customers better. An ambitious roadmap is already in motion. Yet adding unreasonable deadlines and more projects will burn you and your team out.

Here's when not to use Jovial.

Exciting to help you achieve your metrics & revenue goals,
Jovial doesn't fit every project.